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Real Name!

During my trip to Pyongyang (late May — Early June) I visited  Korean People’s Army Museum of Weapons and Equipment. The museum is generally closed for the foreigners with some exceptions, and I was lucky to become such an exception for which I am very grateful to our hosts.

I managed to clarify the DPRK names for various ballistic missiles which have various different lists of designations in the outside world.

Luna — Hwasong-1  《화성-1》

Luna-M (FROG-7) — Hwasong-3 《화성-3》

SCUD-B — Hwasong-5 《화성-5》

SCUD-C — Hwasong-6 《화성-6》

Rodong/Nodong — Hwasong-7 《화성-7》

SCUD-ER  —  Hwasong-9 《화성-9》

KN-02 — Hwasong-11 《화성-11》

(c) Vladimir Khrustalev